Thursday, September 01, 2005

USA - Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act

The new law creates a new confidential “patient safety work product” that is to be used only for analysis and review to improve health outcomes.

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The new law “Amends the Public Health Service Act to make patient safety work product privileged information.

  • Defines "patient safety work product" as a record concerning patient information either reported to a patient safety organization by a health care provider (doctor, hospital, etc.) or created by a patient safety organization.
  • Defines a "patient safety organization" as an organization, certified under this Act, that collects such information with the goal of improving patient safety and the quality of health care delivery.
  • Prohibits patient safety work product: (1) from being subject to a civil or administrative subpoena or order; (2) from being required to be admitted as evidence in any State or Federal civil or administrative proceeding…”

(read complete summary from the American Association Of Clinical Endocrinologists)