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Improving Chronic Illness Care: A Longitudinal Cohort Analysis of Large Physician Organizations

Shortell, Stephen M.; Gillies, Robin; Siddique, Juned; Casalino, Lawrence P.; Rittenhouse, Diane; Robinson, James C.; McCurdy, Rodney K.
Medical Care. 47(9):932-939, September 2009.

A Decade With the Chronic Care Model: Some Progress and Opportunity for More
Jackson, George L.; Weinberger, Morris
Medical Care. 47(9):929-931, September 2009.

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Reality check for checklists.

Bosk CL, Dixon-Woods M, Goeschel CA, Pronovost PJ.
Lancet. 2009;374:444-445.
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Peter Pronovost: champion of checklists in critical care
Jeremy Laurance
Lancet. 2009;374:443
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see also
The checklist.
Gawande A.
The New Yorker. December 10, 2007;83:86-95.
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Evolution of the surgeon-volume, patient-outcome relationship.

Boudourakis LD, Wang TS, Roman SA, Desai R, Sosa JA.
Ann Surg. 2009 Jul;250(1):159-65.

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Adverse events and potentially preventable deaths in Dutch hospitals: results of a retrospective patient record review study

M Zegers, M C de Bruijne, C Wagner, L H F Hoonhout, R Waaijman, M Smits, F A G Hout, L Zwaan, I Christiaans-Dingelhoff, D R M Timmermans, P P Groenewegen, and G van der Wal
Qual Saf Health Care 2009; 18: 297-302.
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International Forum on Quality and Safety in Health Care, 2009 Berlin

2009 Forum Video & Speaker Presentations

Keynote plenary sessions and 10 other sessions from this year’s International Forum are now available to view online – View Here

To view 2009 speaker presentations - click here

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Quality and Safety Education.

Dolansky MA, Singh MK, eds.
Qual Manage Healthc. 2009;18:149-227.

Special issue on patient safety and quality educational initiatives.

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Quality of care in for-profit and not-for-profit nursing homes: systematic review and meta-analysis

Vikram R Comondore, P J Devereaux, Qi Zhou, Samuel B Stone, Jason W Busse, Nikila C Ravindran, Karen E Burns, Ted Haines, Bernadette Stringer, Deborah J Cook, Stephen D Walter, Terrence Sullivan, Otavio Berwanger, Mohit Bhandari, Sarfaraz Banglawala, John N Lavis, Brad Petrisor, Holger Schünemann, Katie Walsh, Neera Bhatnagar, and Gordon H Guyatt
BMJ 2009;339 b2732
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Application of patient safety indicators internationally: a pilot study among seven countries

Saskia E. Drösler, Niek S. Klazinga, Patrick S. Romano, Daniel J. Tancredi, Maria A. Gogorcena Aoiz, Moira C. Hewitt, Sarah Scobie, Michael Soop, Eugene Wen, Hude Quan, William A. Ghali, Soeren Mattke, and Edward Kelley
Int J Qual Health Care 2009 21: 272-278;
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The incidence of adverse events in Swedish hospitals: a retrospective medical record review study

Michael Soop, Ulla Fryksmark, Max Köster, and Bengt Haglund
Int J Qual Health Care 2009 21: 285-291;
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The assessment of adverse events in hospitals in Brazil

Walter Mendes, Mônica Martins, Suely Rozenfeld, and Claudia Travassos
Int J Qual Health Care 2009 21: 279-284;
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A comparison of hospital adverse events identified by three widely used detection methods

James M. Naessens, Claudia R. Campbell, Jeanne M. Huddleston, Bjorn P. Berg, John J. Lefante, Arthur R. Williams, and Richard A. Culbertson
Int J Qual Health Care 2009 21: 301-307;
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Analysis of unintended events in hospitals: inter-rater reliability of constructing causal trees and classifying root causes

Marleen Smits, Jasper Janssen, Riekie de Vet, Laura Zwaan, Danielle Timmermans, Peter Groenewegen, and Cordula Wagner
Int J Qual Health Care 2009 21: 292-300;
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