Friday, September 23, 2005

NPSA - Medical error

The NPSA, the Medical Defence Union and Medical Protection Society

A compendium of case studies citing senior doctors giving examples of mistakes they have made and what they learnt from them.

The handbook provides practical advice on how to reduce risk, and highlights the importance of reporting and the need to change systems to protect doctors from error.

Medical error part 1

  • A message from the Chief Medical Officer
  • Speaking up for safety - the work of the NPSA with junior doctors and other healthcare providers
  • My mistake - 14 personal accounts of mistakes made by the nation's leading doctors

Medical error part 2

  • Case studies - 6 accounts of medical error followed by expert advice
  • Reporting your mistakes - advice on reporting errors

Medical error was produced as part of Engaging clinicians - A resource pack to help promote patient safety and the reporting of incidents amongst clinicians-in-training.