Monday, June 13, 2005

The Care Transitions Program

The term “care transition” refers to the movement patients make between health care practitioners and settings as their condition and care needs change during the course of a chronic or acute illness.

Under the leadership of Dr. Eric Coleman, the aim of the Care Transitions Program is to address the negative consequences of fragmented care, including duplication of services, discontinuity, medication errors, patient and family caregiver distress, unnecessary utilization and higher costs of care.

Care Transitions Intervention was designed in response to the need for a patient-centered, interdisciplinary intervention that addresses continuity of care across multiple settings and practitioners.

Dr. Coleman and colleagues designed a 15-item uni-dimensional measure to assess the quality of care transitions: the Care Transitions Measure (CTM).

Assessing the quality of preparation for posthospital care from the patient's perspective: the care transitions measure.
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