Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, Volume 34, Number 10, October 2008

Handoffs Causing Patient Harm: A Survey of Medical and Surgical House Staff pp. 563-570D(8)
Kitch, Barrett T.; Cooper, Jeffrey B.; Zapol, Warren M.; Marder, Jessica E.; Karson, Andrew; Hutter, Matt; Campbell, Eric G.

Adverse Events During Hospitalization: Results of a Patient Survey
pp. 583-590(8)
Fowler, Floyd J.; Epstein, Arnold; Weingart, Saul N.; Annas, Catherine L.; Bolcic-Jankovic, Dragana; Clarridge, Brian; Schneider, Eric C.; Weissman, Joel S.

Developing Process-Support Tools for Patient Safety: Finding the Balance Between Validity and Feasibility
pp. 604-607(4)
Marsteller, Jill A.; Holzmueller, Christine G.; Makary, Martin; Sexton, J. Bryan; Thompson, David A.; Lubomski, Lisa H.; Pronovost, Peter J.

The Daily Goals Communication Sheet: A Simple and Novel Tool for Improved Communication and Care
pp. 608-613(6)
Schwartz, Jamie M.; Nelson, Kristen L.; Saliski, Mary; Hunt, Elizabeth A.; Pronovost, Peter J.

The Team Checkup Tool: Evaluating QI Team Activities and Giving Feedback to Senior Leaders
pp. 619-623(5)
Lubomski, Lisa H.; Marsteller, Jill A.; Hsu, Yea-Jen; Goeschel, Christine A.; Holzmueller, Christine G.; Pronovost, Peter J.